Welcome to Future JD Diary

I should probably tell you about this blog by answering three of the five W’s.

What: From the title of this blog alone you could probably guess what I will be writing about. The adventure to law school awaits and this blog may or may not go as planned. Either way, I think it will benefit my personal development and any readers. I’m not afraid to post my failures along with my successes as I move forward. I’ll also be mixing in some posts about lifestyle or work just to keep it spicy.

Who: My name is Katrina and I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law, Societies and Justice. I’m really excited that I just got a position as a legal assistant at a law firm. Before you ask, I’m not 100% sure what type of law I want to practice, but I’m very much interested in criminal, business or international law. I pretty much want to be the Asian Elle Woods, mixed with Jessica Pearson, mixed with Olivia Pope, mixed with Amal Clooney, mixed with Donna Paulson, mixed with Rachel Zane.

Outside of my education and work, my favorite thing to do is dance. Tied for my second favorite things to do are going on food adventures and hiking.

Why: First, I have noticed that young women and minorities my age have the potential to influence our world a great deal. I want to be able to do so by sharing my journey and empowering others like myself. Second, this blog will help me take a step back from my experience and possibly help me improve. It will hold me accountable, be a great break from reality and improve my writing skills. Lastly, I haven’t seen many blogs dedicated to the experience of pursuing a law degree from start to finish. Nor have I seen any that focus primarily on specific groups of people (i.e. women, minorities, young adults, people like me). Overall, I’ll be helping others at the same time I am improving myself.

Enjoy my blog!


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