Study Habits That Got Me Through Undergrad

My four years in the pit they call undergrad was probably just like everyone else’s. However, I have a few special habits that I really think got me through those four years academically.

1.) Becoming a creature of habit. One trait I didn’t have before undergrad was being a creature of habit. You literally have to become a creature of habit to have good study habits in the first place. I entered college thinking I could be the exact same person I was in high school since it was so easy to get by. That was a mistake. You have to have a study spot, a routine, a framework for doing assignments and always attending lectures.

2.) Coffitivity. This is not an ad I swear. I HATE silence. I simply can’t concentrate in that type of environment. I honestly don’t know how others do because it’s impossible for me. I used to listen to this station on Songza that was very similar, and after Songza was sold I found Coffitivity. Use this because it has made me so productive. I love that it is a recording a people talking, but you can’t make out any words.

3.) Sticky noting my readings, NOT HIGHLIGHTING. I’m sorry to everyone that loves to highlight, but that doesn’t do anything for me unless I need a very very very short summary. As I read I would use color coded sticky notes to mark important ideas, things that were mentioned in class and one giant sticky at the end of the reading or section. Plus, it doesn’t ruin your book that you probably rented. Just take the sticky notes out at the end of the quarter/semester.

4.) Making sure I feel ready the night before the night before. I followed this rule I made for myself religiously and it made studying and finals so much better. First, making sure I was ready two days ahead of time rather than one left me with at least one full day to figure out if there was anything I forgot to go over, or review any ideas that were still less than 100% clear to me. Second, it gave me enough time to rest the night before. I can proudly say I went through all four years of undergrad without ever pulling an all-nighter. How many students can say that?

5.) I never took notes on my computer. I don’t need to say much about this one. Writing things down will always retain better in your brain than typing.

6.) Getting a study spot. My first two years of undergrad I didn’t really have a favorite library or lounge or desk I would study at. My last two years I did, and it made a huge difference.

7.) Cute stationery. My love for stationery is on a whole other level. Some of you would probably think this is stupid, but let’s be real. It’s the little things in life and it helps keep me motivated.

8.) Studying out loud with another person. Best piece of advice I have for studying for finals is discussing the study guide or topics to another person in the class. This will guarantee that you completely understand all the concepts covered.

Let me know if any of these work for you!

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