Must-Have School Supplies for Law School

Here are my recommendations of must-have school supplies for law school.

  • Pens: Hands down, my favorite are the Muji capped gel-ink pens in size 0.38mm. I LOVE MUJI!
  • Highlighters: You’ve probably heard many recommendations for highlighters, and I second those recommnedations. The ones I love are the Stabilo highlighters. They’re highly pigmented and come in many colors. I love the pastel ones.
  • Sticky notes: I am huge on keeping my books in great shape (almost as if no one used them,) so I take notes on sticky notes and stick them in the book (I will make a post about my note taking method later). I do not directly highlight or write in my books.
  • Water bottle: Wait to get this for free from Lexis Nexis. If not, my favorite is definitely Hydroflask. I have this one with the water bottle lid and coffee lid.
  • Coffee tumbler: The most important standard for the tumbler is LEAK-PROOF. End of story.
  • Notebooks: If you prefer to handwrite your notes like myself, I recommend buying the same black notebooks for all subjects and highlighting the corner for each subject. Like the picture below.
  • Notebooks
  • iPad: I primarily take notes by hand and I have an unbearably heavy laptop, so I take an iPad to school when needed.
    • iPad keyboard case: I bought my case quite a while back, but there are many affordable types online. Mine was very cheap and still in great shape after 3 years. I suggest searching amazon for “iPad keyboard case”.
  • Page flags: I use page flags from Daiso to mark the cases discussed in class and separate my casebook by topic. This is an Instagram post of the ones I use (scroll right).
  • Book stand: I’m trying to save myself from becoming the hunchback of Notre Dame and I’ve seen a lot of law school blogs recommend a book stand. This is the one I bought.
  • Locker shelf: One of my friends called me Mary Poppins because my locker contained organizers, coffee packets, gym clothes, all nicely organized and tucked away for future use. I like to say that I’m well prepared. I highly recommend a shelf for your locker because it keeps your items organized.


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