Semester Goals: Spring 2018

Sorry for the unintended hiatus . I hope you all had a fulfilling break or holiday season. I wrote this post right before the new semester and intended to post it, but there were certain events that prevented me. Without further ado, here is what I’m doing in preparation of the new semester. I’ve learned a few new things since surviving the first semester of law school.

  1. Plan the ENTIRE semester. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a paper planner type of gal. I currently use my personal size Kate Spade Wellsley planner with my own printables. My preferred layout is the week on two pages horizontally. I recorded all due dates, exams, and reading assignments in my planner.
  2. Outline more frequently. I am an outline procrastinator. It is best for my memory to outline every 1-2 weeks. I realized that frequency refreshes my memory with a good amount of information.
  3. Organize a reading schedule and STICK TO IT. This is probably something that I had the most difficulty with last semester. I would set aside time to read, but it always took me longer than expected to finish all my readings. Now I have a better idea of how long it takes.
  4. OFFICE HOURS. I barely went to office hours last semester because I was not sure what to ask. I hope that my increase in outlining frequency will allow me to form questions throughout the semester and have topics/questions to bring to office hours.
  5. Get to school at the same time everyday. I realized that I work better when I have a very strict routine. It also helps my insomnia if I’m waking up at the same time everyday.

These are a few things I hope to really focus on and improve this semester. Let’s see how it works out at the end of my first year.

Have a great year, semester, and quarter!



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