2018 Winter Favorites

Below are a few items I have been loving this winter season. Almost all of the items listed are what I would consider affordable because I am sustaining my life on a broke law student budget. Hopefully some of you will enjoy and take advantage of my frugal habits.

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser: I purchased this one from Amazon on cyber Monday for $10.
  2. Found Beauty: I found their products while on a trip to Walmart. They’re an affordable all-natural brand! I really loved the Hibiscus Cream Cleanser as an everyday face cleanser, and the Red Ginseng Eye Balm for an everyday eye cream (it’s on the lighter side for under eye creams).
  3. Long Winter Parka: It rains everyday where I’m located so a long winter jacket is a must. I got a good quality and affordable one on Amazon. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when they will restock, or if they ever will. I recommend hunting for affordable winter jackets on Amazon, and thoroughly reading through the comments before purchasing.
  4. Hydroflask Water Bottle: I received a beautiful purple Hydroflask water bottle for Christmas and I treat it like gold. It is absolutely amazing. I have both the hydro flip lip and the wide flew cap, which makes it perfect for either coffee or water.
  5. Outdoor Pants: Where I’m located, outdoor activities are a must and it is currently snowboarding season. I was searching for affordable snow pants and I found this pair. Although I wouldn’t recommend these pants for their quality, I discovered that they did their job. They’re fleece lined and kept me warm on the slopes for a few hours. HOWEVER, THEY GOT WET AFTER A FEW HOURS. I would highly recommend these pants for hiking in cold weather though.


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