Semester Reset Routine

I learned about reset routines through @lavendaire on YouTube and I applied it to the semester. Here is a great YouTube video explaining her reset routine. Having a reset was the most amazing thing I could do for my mind!! I felt so refreshed and renewed for the semester. It’s amazing what we can do for ourselves just through cleaning, organizing, and taking personal time.

The reasons why I want to write about a reset routine is because law school and students tend to get caught up in the mundane tasks of school. For me, I tend to focus on school so much during the semester that I forget about my life around me. Resetting gave me a little wake up call to my brain and snapped me out of “autopilot”.

Below are some things I did to reset for the semester

  1. Deep clean my space. I cleaned my room, bathroom and kitchen. A nice deep clean always uplifts my mood.
  2. Rearrange my room. Rearranging my room was by far the most beneficial action I took. Prior to rearranging my room setup, I was unable to sit at my desk and concentrate. Rearrangement made me feel like I had a new study space and I was able to study at my desk.
  3. Purge my belongings. I got rid of clothes, documents, food, and school supplies I knew I did not need. Purging helped me better organize my room as well.
  4. Bigger desk. I have been meaning to buy a bigger desk since I started law school and never got around to it. I finally bought one and it makes a huge difference to studying. I don’t feel cramped or overwhelmed by my study materials.
  5. Clean other belongings or furniture. I went ahead and wiped down my suitcase, cleaned out my bathroom cupboard, and makeup. It feels so good to purge and clean. It’s addicting.

The previously mentioned reset actions I took are just a few examples of what you could do. In general, I think it’s all about making the time to take care of the world that is close to you personally. It truly makes a difference for your mind especially when the mid-semester slump hits.

If you try a reset routine and want to share your thoughts, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear and try out some of the things y’all have done.


Featured Image Credit: Study Diary of a Med Student

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