Recap on my 3L Year

My last year in law school has both been what I did and did not expect. As you all know, the current global situation has led to a lot of chaos and changes in my life. Since I did not post much during my 3L year, I thought I’d write a recap so you current and future law students could know what to expect.

1. I changed my legal career path. I was already contemplating a legal career path change and I solidified that decision this year. It feels great.

2. I decided on taking a bar in another state. This was a huge decision for me to make because I always thought I would stay in my home state.

3. I still felt pretty busy. They say they bore you to death 3L year, but I think that was only true for me in the spring when I was just taking credits to graduate. On top of that, I started looking for jobs, making future plans, and studying for the bar. Not exactly as boring as they say.

4. The pandemic made everything worse. I thought I had plans and then those plans got messed up. I am still a little uncertain about my plans for the next year, but I am trying to just go with the flow and remember that everything happens for a reason.

5. Formal graduation postponed. This is the saddest part yet. Sadly, I don’t get to experience the joy of a law school graduation. I was really looking forward to my cap and gown, hearing my name one more time, and I had a dress all picked out since the fall. However, I know that it couldn’t happen due to the circumstances.

6. I took and passed the MPRE in the fall.

7. I started early bar prep by taking the bar prep class offered at my school. I would highly recommend early bar prep, if you you feel like you need it. I sure did and I am so glad I did.

Hopefully no one else’s last year of law school is like mine. I hope everyone stays safe and motivated at home!


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