Bar Prep Supplies

Bar prep is going great thanks to these items!

  1. Critical Pass MBE Flashcards. I bought these used on Amazon a while back before COVID. Maybe I wouldn’t buy it used at a time like this.
  2. Seat Cushion and Support Set. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. If there’s one thing on this list you absolutely need to get, it’s a seat cushion and support set. This set I purchased comes with a seat cushion and lumbar back support. Knowing I’d be sitting in my uncomfortable Ikea chair for hours for the rest of the summer, I had to pick between a new chair or this. For those of you ballin’ on a budget like me, this is the best option!
  3. Footrest. To supplement the comfort of my seat
  4. Calendar. I like to plan out my life in big visuals to help envision my bright future.
  5. Glasses Nose Pads. Weird? No. If you’ve got a flat nose like me, these nose pads are absolutely necessary. My glasses would constantly fall off my face, but these babies fixed that issue. I can wear my glasses all day now, which is better than staring at a screen with contacts all day.
  6. My good ol’ trusty book stand. I bought this a few years ago, but here is a similar one on Amazon.

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