First and foremost, my name is Katrina, but my friends call me Kat. I made this blog with the intention to empower individuals such as myself – women, minorities, children of immigrants and other underrepresented populations in this industry. The journey to a J.D. is a long one and my ultimate goal is to help others in their journey through my own experience. I hope that through blogging I can help others and develop personally as I look back on my own journey.

A little about yours truly. I am currently in my last (third) year of law school. Before you ask, I am interested in the gaming industry. In summary, I pretty much want to be the Asian Elle Woods, mixed with Jessica Pearson, mixed with Olivia Pope, mixed with Amal Clooney, mixed with Donna Paulson, mixed with Rachel Zane. I am a dancer, food adventure enthusiast and gamer. Thanks for visiting and supporting my blog!

IG: @futurejddiary